Best Travel Startup Companies of 2022

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The journey seems to have started again after two-three years. That said, you might have started planning the dream vacation you want to go on. Just you, your wife, your loved ones, your friends – there is something for you somewhere. But what if you need a little help putting that vacation in place? It is here that you may want to turn to a travel startup company.

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There are plenty out there now, offering both in-person and online services to help make your dream vacation less of a nightmare. While their services may add to the cost somewhat, they will also add to the overall enjoyment.

Here’s a quick wrap-up of the top 10 travel startup companies you’ll find right now. Each has exquisite services that will help you get away for a while.

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Despite the strange name, isn’t kidding about setting up tours for out-of-town visitors. Using its website, it can help you book local experts to take you around town and on other types of boat trips. What’s more, there is a huge variety available, with over 12,000 to choose from. And each has a guaranteed “departure”, provided you don’t actually run late for your trip.

#9: Bespoke

Next time you book hotels for travel, see if they use bespoke. This travel startup offers AI-powered chatting service to help guests. In it, it provides answers to questions around the area, as well as recommendations for restaurants and more. It can also answer questions about the hotel, such as whether Wi-Fi is offered and what other amenities are available. Considering its evolution over the years, Bespoke has a lot to say.

Why can’t you turn your next trip into a game? (And no, we don’t mean Pok√©mon Go.) With Questo, you can do just that. It offers a number of discoveries that provide details about the city you are visiting, as well as amazing little places to visit. What’s more, it’s very comprehensive, covering 100 cities so far, with more being added regularly. Who says your next trip around town has to be boring? Go on a Questo!

#7: Logify

There are many handy travel websites that provide booking and other services. But doesn’t it hurt to jump from site to site? Thanks to travel startup Logify, it’s a thing of the past. It uses the best of these sites, including Airbnb and Expedia, to easily book accommodations, as well as manage anything you decide on. That way you don’t lose – or waste – time between sites.

There are many of you out there who love the camping lifestyle, even if it doesn’t necessarily mean going to the wilderness. So why not make the most of it with a camping travel startup? With Tentrr, users can view the facilities available and book a traditional campsite. Plus, they can even enhance their “shiny” feel, if just a little bit of technology is needed to achieve them.

Let’s say you don’t need advanced booking travel. But instead, you want a travel startup that sets you straight with a local tour guide. Look no further than Very Local Trips, which will properly connect you with the locals. What’s more, reaching them is also quite easy.

Let’s say you are not only traveling, but also a member of your business. And you want to organize that ideal company retreat. Turn to YouLi, which can help with creating itineraries and plans for everyone in your group, as well as payment options. It’s easy and convenient to use, and even your boss won’t be too level-headed for it.

#3: Wakasa

Sometimes, having Airbnb just isn’t enough. You want something that feels like a secondary home, and more secure at that. Vacasa does just that, offering a number of vacation homes for rent around the world. Plus, it goes the extra mile with security add-ons, interior design services, and even housekeeping. Think of it as a hotel, but definitely on the next level.

For you road trippers who have your own RV, this is the travel startup for you. Harvest hosts all things RV related, with memberships ranging around $100-$120 per year. With it, you get access to a vast RV community along with access to multiple locations in both the US and Canada. Plug in and enjoy your journey!

#1: Hopper

Hopper has come a long way since its inception a few years back, thanks to its tech savvy in booking flights and hotels. It has continued to grow through the pandemic and now offers even more services through Hopper Cloud, which connects through various travel partners. Jump on it and don’t miss it!

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