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Right-wing sources that usually dominate Facebook by promoting polarizing articles took a back seat this week as America reacted to the news of beloved actress Betty White’s death just weeks before her 100th birthday, including a top 10 White accounting for half of the linked posts were stories. On stage in the past week.

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The top link post on Facebook this week was from TMZ, which shared a breaking news story about White’s death on New Year’s Eve.

According to data compiled by social media tracking firm NewsWhip, the post was shared more than 204,000 times, attracted nearly 62,000 responses and more than 6,500 comments.

Other popular posts about White included a post from Deadline Hollywood, which shared a story about paying tribute to Don Cheadle, and another from Entertainment Weekly, about re-airing episodes of Saturday Night Live. There was a piece where White served as host.

The only conservative news page that had a post in the top 10 this week was Dan Bongino, whose post was about IRS Reminding Americans to report stolen property because income came in at No. 8.

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