Top Line

Beyoncé’s new song “Break My Soul”, which dropped at midnight, is being hailed by fans as an anti-work song for great resignation, allowing listeners to quit their jobs and relieve themselves of the stress in their lives. Getting rid of is being encouraged.

Key Facts

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To the tune of the dance, Beyoncé sings, “Now I just fell in love / And I quit my job,” and “Hey, they make me work so hard… and they work on my nerves / So I stay up at night.” can’t sleep.”

Fans poked fun at the song on social media on Tuesday, saying it was promoting pre-existing great resignation and desire to quit their jobs, or not work harder than needed or required at their jobs.

“Break My Soul”, which samples Robin’s “Show Me Love” and Big Freedia’s “Explode”, quickly peaked at the number 1 spot on iTunes upon release.