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Plant-based meat producer Beyond Meat plans to lay off about 200 employees announced On Friday, it is the latest company to re-evaluate its workforce as employers fear the economy could be headed for a recession.


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October 14, 2022beyond fleshWhich took off over the past few years will lay off 19% of its workforce, as the California-based company struggles with declining demand for plant-based meats driven by inflation as consumers choose cheaper alternatives, company executives said. .

October 13, 2022Oracle Two months after the company is laying off 201 employees, according to multiple outlets, citing documents filed to the state employment development department started the layoffs An undisclosed number of its estimated 143,000 employees, as part of a larger plan to cut thousands, Information REPORTED (Oracle did not immediately respond to an inquiry Forbes,

12 October 2022Intel reportedly could cut more than 22,000 of its 113,700 employees (about 20%), Bloomberg informed of Citing unnamed sources familiar with the proposal, the following a gloomy The company’s financial forecast in July attributed it to a “sudden and rapid” economic fall, while its shares fell more than half in the past year to $25.04 (Intel declined to comment).

11 October 2022brakesJob cuts hit 136 employees, leaving its workforce disproportionately 1,150As the company adjusts to a “new macro environment” that “guarantees a new level of focus and financial discipline,” CEO Pedro Franceschi wrote in a blog. Post,

October 6, 2022pelotonThe layoffs, which affect about 12% of the company, come two months after a memo to employees received by bloomberg Exercise Equipment Manufacturer Unveils The Cut about 800 jobs, and plans announced close the store And raise prices for its Bike+ and Tread machines.

4 October 2022based in california meta plans to close its Manhattan office, unnamed sources told bloombergOne week after the company implemented hiring freezeand less than a month later wall street journal reported that it is restructuring departments and giving some of its 83,553 employees a month to apply for various positions within the company—though a company spokesperson told news outlets this week that Meta “New York strongly committed to it.”

September 29, 2022softbank preparing to cut at least 150 According to Bloomberg, out of 500 employees employed by Vision Fund, the venture capital arm of the Japanese conglomerate, that will affect about 30% of employees, a move that SoftBank’s billionaire founder and CEO Masayoshi Son hinted at last month after a record was. $23 billion quarterly loss (It is unclear whether the layoffs will affect the London0n-headquartered fund’s employees at two US locations in Silicon Valley and Miami).

September 28, 2022San Francisco-based electronic signature company DocuSign will lay off more than 9% of its 7,400 Employees (approximately 670 employees), the company announced at the Securities and Exchange filing Wednesday, saying that there are cuts ,This is essential to ensure that we are taking advantage of our long-term opportunity and setting the company up for future success.”

September 26, 2022Wells Fargo Reportedly announced plans to lay off 36 employees, bringing the bank’s total layoffs to more than 400 since April, says Iowa CBS affiliate KCCI reported earlier this month after the banking giant’s decision to cut its home mortgage division by about 75% (Wells Fargo did not immediately respond to an investigation) Forbes,

September 21, 2022In a similar manner, Google Also alerted about 50 employees—about half of the people employed in the firm startup incubator Area 120—If they want to stay at Google, they need to find a new internal role within three months, magazine informed of.

September 21, 2022clothing outlet nordstrom It plans to lay off 231 employees at the Iowa distribution center starting next month, local ABC affiliate Kcrg-T reported, citing a spokesperson who said the move was necessary to “better sync with the current needs of our business” (Nordstrom did not immediately respond to an inquiry). Forbes,

September 20, 2022gap Unknown sources said it could cut more than 500 corporate jobs from its offices in New York and San Francisco as well as offices in Asia. wall street journal on Tuesday (A Gap spokesperson confirmed the layoffs Forbes But won’t provide more details).

September 16, 2022AbbVie Reportedly announced plans to lay off 99 employees Bristol Myers Squibbo plans to cut 261, according to state filings seen by endpoint newsMaking them the latest pharmaceutical companies to reduce their workforce, the following biogen And tevaWhich reportedly cut 300 jobs last month.

September 14, 2022twilio CEO Jeff Lawson announced The move to cut 11% (about 800-900 of the company’s roughly 8,000 employees) took to the company’s blog, saying the workforce has grown “too fast” and “without sufficient focus” over the past two years.

September 13, 2022Warner Bros. DiscoveryWhich was formed in April in a merger between the two production giants, which could reportedly cut “hundreds” of advertising sales staff from the WarnerMedia and Discovery sides of the company, axios The company is trying to downsize its advertising team representing HBO, CNN, Discovery, Turner and Warner Bros. Entertainment, citing unnamed sources. insiderWho also spoke to unknown sources.

September 12, 2022Goldman Sachs typically lays off 1% to 5% of its workforce every year as part of annual performance reviews, but suspended the program during the COVID-19 pandemic—the investment bank suggested earlier this year that it will reinstate the cut, which is expected to be around 1% for workers in all sectors and could happen sometime this month, new York Times informed ofCiting people familiar with the plans.

September 9, 2022beaumont-spectrumWhich earlier this year a. was made of Merger Between Beaumont and Spectrum, 400 corporate positions cut as health care networks struggle with “significant financial pressure from historical inflation, rising drug and labor costs, COVID 19, cessation of CARES Act funding and disproportionate reimbursement of expenses” does.

September 2, 2022banking giant Citigroup Allegedly trimmed A source in its home mortgage division told Bloomberg that Bloomberg included fewer than 100 positions as the housing market continues to cool in the face of rising inflation and the Federal Reserve’s recent round of interest rate hikes.

September 2, 2022softbankTokyo-based investment management giant, Allegedly The fund plans to cut up to 20% of its nearly 500 employees at its Vision Fund three weeks after the fund’s record losses in the fiscal quarter ending June.

September 2, 2022investment banking giant swiss credit could reportedly cut as many 5,000 jobs According to Reuters, the bank affected by the scam is attempting to change its reputation and reduce costs.

August 31, 2022crackThe California-based developer of the mobile app Snapchat, announced It plans to lay off more than 1,200 employees (about 20% of its workforce) in its second round of job cuts this summer, according to an internal memo obtained by CNN.

August 31, 2022bed Bath and Beyond unveiled plans to layoff lay off 20% of its workforce and $500 million in new financing, as the struggling retail giant closes 150 “less-productive” stores amid continuing issues with low sales.

August 31, 2022VF CorporationThe parent company of brands such as Vans, Timberland and The North Face reportedly laid off 300 employees and eliminated 300 open positions (less than 1% of its global workforce), in an internal letter to employees obtained by CEO Steve Rendall. was written. Denver Business Journal that the cuts come amid an environment that is “likely to be marked by instability” (VF confirmed the layoffs) Forbes But won’t provide more details).

August 30, 2022crack CEO Evan Spiegel announced in a company memo that the company would lay off 20% of its 6,400 employees (1,280 employees), ledge The report said the company is facing a “low rate of revenue growth” — the company’s stock price has fallen nearly 80% since the beginning of this year.

August 26, 2022online mortgage lender It reportedly announced its third round of layoffs this year and for the fourth time in the last 12 months, it has laid off around 250 employees, an unidentified employee said. techcrunch-Total layoffs of the company since December tentative 4,000 as the company struggles amid a severe downturn in the housing market ( did not immediately respond to an inquiry Forbes,

August 25, 2022artificial intelligence startup datarobot Interim CEO Debanjan Sahai announced The Boston-based company has had its second round of job cuts since May “to adapt to changing market dynamics,” and even though the company did not specify the number of employees leaving, linkedin reported that it would affect 26% of its employees, which according to the site techtargetThis would mean about 260 of its 1,000 employees.

August 25, 2022Tennessee based trucking company US Express cut its corporate workforce by 5%, a spokesperson confirmed to a local ABC affiliate WTVCIt cut its total layoffs this summer to about 140, after a round of cuts in May that slashed another 5% of the company’s corporate workforce, informed of At that time there were about 70 employees.

August 22, 2022Payab announced it would lay off about 3,000 office and contract workers as the carmaker moves to the company cut expenses As it transitions to production…