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Beyond Meat suspended its chief operating officer Doug Ramsey, the company announced Tuesday, after the executive was arrested and charged with biting a man’s nose during a fight after a football game in Arkansas on Saturday .

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Beyond Meat said Statement Jonathan Nelson, the company’s senior vice president of manufacturing operations, will take over Nelson’s duties “on an interim basis.”

The company did not specify the reason behind Ramsey’s suspension.

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The incident happened after a game on Saturday in a parking garage near the University of Arkansas's Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville. Ramsey, 53, was furious when another driver bit him and touched the front passenger wheel of his car The Associated Press The information was given citing the police report. Ramsey reportedly got out of his vehicle and punched through the other driver's rear windshield. The police report said that when the other driver got out of his car, Ramsey allegedly pulled the driver closer and began punching him and biting the tip of his nose, leaving his flesh. Ramsay also allegedly threatened to kill the other driver, witnesses and the driver. The executive was charged with terroristic intimidation and battery charge in the third degree. He was released on Sunday after posting $11,085 on bail, and the charges have a court date in October, according to court records, Ramsey has been with Beyond Meat since December, and has been at Tyson Foods for more than 30 years.

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The plant-based meat-alternative company's stock has fallen dramatically over the past year to $16 on Tuesday from about $195 in October 2021, fueled by inflation, changing demands due to the pandemic, and increased competition. This summer, McDonald's ended a US-based trial of using Beyond Meat's burgers at its restaurants, and has not announced plans to make them permanent staples of the menu.

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