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Health clinics that provide patients with abortion referrals will once again be eligible to receive federal funding earmarked for Title X, according to new guidance from the Biden administration that overturned a gag rule imposed by former President Donald Trump. .

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued guidance Monday that would pull back restrictions on funding through Title X, the country’s federal family planning program, including Trump’s 2019 order prohibiting health workers from offering abortion referrals. Bans money from going to service providers.

the instruction is “a step aheadfor reproductive health, HHS Secretary Javier Becerra said in a statement on Monday.

The new Title X policy will also expand the number of Americans served by Title X, said Assistant Secretary of State for Health Rachel Levine, which includes people of color and other historically disqualified groups, because Title X is low-income or Subsidizes care for uninsured families.

The changes will take effect on November 8, HHS said.

tangent line

The move comes amid a flashpoint in the abortion debate in the US. In May, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law some of the country’s most restrictive abortion legislative legislation that effectively restricts the procedure to six weeks before it can be performed. Many people find out that they are pregnant. The new law is being challenged in the courts, but Republicans in other states could follow in Texas’ footsteps, and a Florida lawmaker introduced a similar bill in the Tallahassee state house last month.

main background

Title X helps offset the cost of birth control, pregnancy care, infertility treatment, cancer screening and STI testing for millions of Americans. The program began in 1970, when President Richard Nixon signed the Public Health Services Act. Change Trump’s time in office in 2019 barred any organization that offered abortion referrals from accepting Title X money, for care unrelated to abortion, though they still did abortions in some cases. could do services. According to 2020 estimates from the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-choice think tank, the gag rule led nearly 1,000 health facilities to abandon Title X funds. Pulling Title X funds out of facilities and maybe as many people’s healthcare as affected 1.6 million patients. Planned Parenthood said it would not accept up to $60 million in funding from Title X immediately after the changes were announced.

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