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The Biden administration asked the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday to enforce its vaccine-or-testing requirement for large employers after it was blocked earlier this month — here’s where the controversial policy What to expect next as the Court of Appeals stands now. discusses.

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The Biden administration filed a Speed To breach an earlier stay from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which temporarily blocked the policy, which was instituted through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and all employers with more than 100 employees applies to.

The trial that the 5th Circuit ruled and more than 30 other lawsuits challenging the vaccine-or-testing mandate were consolidated into a single case last week and transferred to the 6th Circuit — which was Chosen Through a lottery system—composed of six judges appointed by Republican presidents and five appointed by Democrats.

The Sixth Circuit will issue a single decision on the policy that will apply to all lawsuits, and behind some of the challenges the GOP state attorney general is calling for a full court to rule instead of a smaller panel of judges, CNN told CNN. notes Could potentially be less right-wing than the Court as a whole.

the sixth circuit is Asked By November 30 for the parties in the case to file documents responding to that request, which means the appeals court won’t rule in the case until at least December.

Depending on the rules of the 6th Circuit, Biden could appeal a case challenging the administration or policy to the Supreme Court.

If the OSHA policy is reinstated by the court, it will take effect January 4, and the fact that it’s an emergency rule means it’s only going to last six months before it can be called a permanent vaccine- be replaced by or-test. Policy.

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