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President Joe Biden announced Two new nominees for the US Postal Service’s board of governors on Friday and will not re-nominate current board chairman Ron Bloom, removing a key aide to a Democrat-controversial postmaster general Louis DeJoy, whose board is along with Bloom. Removal may be easier now.

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Biden nominated Danielle Tangerlini and Derek Kahn to the USPS board to replace Bloom and Republican board member John Barger, respectively, whose terms expired in October.

Biden’s decision to nominate Tangerlini rather than reapply Bloom comes after several Democratic senators said they would oppose any attempt to keep Bloom running, and the sources cited. Washington Post, which first reported the news, says the move “raises doubts” about DeJoy’s continuation as postmaster general.

Bloom has been criticized for outspoken support of DeJoy and the 10-year plan recently imposed at the USPS – which has slowed some mail – and has raised ethical concerns in the aftermath. Post The report said that DeJoy had purchased $300,000 worth of bonds from Bloom’s investment firm.

Tangherlini previously served as administrator of the General Services Administration, while Kahn, a Republican, is an executive at e-commerce startup Deliver, previously at Lyft, Amtrak, and as deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget .

The USPS board had already renamed Bloom as chairman during its last meeting earlier this month, which was opposed by some Biden-appointed members during the meeting, saying his term was coming to an end. .

Biden’s new candidate could potentially be more liable to vote for DeJoy, who can only be ousted by a majority of nine-person board of governors, three board members already voted by the president earlier this year. After appointing, those who are expected to oppose.


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