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President Joe Biden on Tuesday threw his support at least partly behind changing Senate rules when it comes to voting rights, a rule change that boosted Democrats’ performance with Republicans on passing voting rights legislation. His biggest support for

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The Senate has “no choice” but to eliminate the filibuster for the voting rights law, especially if Republicans still refuse to back it with the filibuster, Biden said in a speech Tuesday in Georgia. described the chamber of Congress as “the shell of its former”. Self.”

This means voting rights bills can be passed in the Senate by a simple majority, rather than the 60 votes typically required to pass non-spend bills.

are democrats trying to pass The Broad Freedom Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, both already passed the House, but failed in the Senate due to filibuster rules.

The bill will return for a Senate vote in the coming days, which Biden said on Tuesday “will be a turning point in this country.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D.N.Y.) has said that if Republicans do not support the voting rights bill, the Chamber will go ahead with changing the filibuster rules by Martin Luther King Day, Jan. 17.

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