Biden takes shot at Putin as he touts REvil ransom seizure, new criminal cyberattack cases

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  • President Joe Biden said law enforcement cases targeting the Ravel ransomware gang did well on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warning months earlier that the US would “hold cybercriminals accountable.”
  • US officials are seeking the extradition of a Ukrainian man, Yaroslav Vasinsky, who is suspected of collecting millions of dollars in ransom after using Revil ransomware to attack nearly 2,500 targets.
  • The Russian-linked Revil Group, also known as Sodinokibi, launched an international ransomware attack on July 2.

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President Joe Biden said on Monday that new law enforcement cases targeting the Revil ransomware gang made good on a warning he gave months ago to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the US would “hold cybercriminals accountable.”

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Biden’s remarks came after the Justice Department said he had seized more than $6 million in ransom payments linked to attacks by the Russia-linked Raville gang, and that of two men suspected of carrying out cyberattacks using that ransomware program. Criminal charges were filed against him.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland told a news conference that federal prosecutors are seeking the extradition of one of those people, Ukrainian citizen Yaroslav Wasinski, who was arrested last month at the request of the US government as he traveled from Ukraine to Poland. Tried to enter.

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Garland said the 22-year-old was behind the attack in early July against Miami-based software company Kasia. That attack in turn spread through the Kasia software, affecting at least 1,500 businesses in the US and other countries.

In that attack, the target was asked to pay a total of $70 million to have their computers unlocked.

Wasinski reportedly collected $2.3 million as ransom.

The other defendant, Russian citizen Yevgeny Polyanin, has been charged with the August 28, 2019 Revil ransomware attack against victims involving businesses and government entities in Texas. Officials said $6.1 million in money linked to Pauline’s attacks was confiscated.

Vasinsky and Pauline, who are believed to be abroad, face separate charges of conspiracy to commit fraud, computer crimes and money laundering.

In a statement, Biden called cyber threats “a concern for every American, every business, regardless of size, and every community.”

“When I met with President Putin in June, I made it clear that America would take action to hold cybercriminals accountable,” Biden said.

“That’s what we did today.”

During a phone call with Putin in July, Biden said that the U.S.. According to the White House, it will “take any action necessary to protect its people and its critical infrastructure.”

Earlier Monday, European law enforcement agency Europol announced that Romanian authorities have arrested two others on suspicion of cyberattacks in 17 countries that used Revil ransomware to lock down affected computers.

The two, who were not identified, are suspected of having 5,000 infections with ransomware, half a million euros in ransom payments, according to Europol, which said the arrests were made on Thursday.

Revil Group, also known as Sodinokibi, launched an international ransomware attack on July 2.

About a month before that, the group attacked JBS, the world’s largest meatpacking company, forcing the firm to shut down operations, disrupting meat production in North America and Australia.

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In mid-July, the so-called dark web sites affiliated with Revil were shut down. US officials declined to say whether the US had taken action against the sites.

But a National Security Council official told reporters a few days ago that US officials expect to act soon against ransomware groups.

“We’re not going to telegraph what those actions will be,” that official said. “Some of them will be visible and visible, some of them may not be. But we expect they will be in the coming days and weeks.”

Europol said on Monday that since February, authorities have arrested three other associates of Reville.


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