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President Joe Biden plans to meet censors Joe Manchin (DWA) and Kirsten Cinema (D-Ariz) at the White House on Thursday evening. Different reports, both senators said they would not support abolishing the Senate’s filibuster rules to pass voting rights reform, which appeared to kill any chances of Democrats passing a signature piece of their legislative agenda. Is.

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Biden said “I don’t know if we can get it done” after a meeting with Senate Democrats on Thursday afternoon when asked whether the voting rights bill is expected to pass.

Cinema in a speech on the Senate floor on Thursday refused to eliminate filibuster to pass voting rights reform, while Manchin later issued a statement reiterating his opposition to changing the filibuster rules.

Democrats would require all 50 members of their Senate caucus to eliminate filibuster, the 60-vote limit needed to end the debate, to have any hope of passing the voting rights reform that Senate Republicans would expect. universally oppose.

The meeting between Biden and two major Senate moderates was first reported by Washington Post, which cited two unnamed sources, and was confirmed by several other outlets.


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