President Joe Biden’s approval rating has hit a new low, with less than 40% now approving of his job performance, a new Associated Press-NORC poll finds, as even Democrats take a dimmer view of the president as the US battles issues like inflation, war in Ukraine, the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing baby formula shortage.

Key Facts

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The poll found Biden has only a 39% approval rating, which is the lowest approval rating of his presidency thus far, down from 45% in mid-April and 63% a year ago,

Biden’s previous lowest approval rating was in Januarywhen the AP found 43% approved of his presidency a year after his inauguration.

While the Democrat notes Republicans’ disapproval of Biden has steady—the poll found less than one in 10 GOP AP approved of him—his popularity among Democrats has declined throughout his presidency, with 73% approving of his job performance now.

The AP notes Biden’s approval with Democrats is much lower now than it was in 2021, when he always had at least an 82% approval rating among his own party.

Two-thirds of disapprove of how Biden’s handled the economy, and only 38% approve of his job on immigration.

The poll was conducted May 12-16 among 1,172 US adults.