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A presidential commission issued a draft report good On possible reforms Thursday, the US Supreme Court, which casts doubts about progressives’ push to add justices to the court, warned that doing so could undermine the legitimacy of the court and see it as a partisan maneuver. It will be seen that it may backfire on its supporters.

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The commission, made up of a bipartisan group of legal experts, released “discussion materials” ahead of a public meeting on Friday at which it will present its findings.

commission said Its members were divided about expanding the court, concluding that the move had some advantages—such as increased diversity, making the court less controversial, and allowing it to hear more cases—”doubt There are important reasons to be that the expansion will serve democratic values.”

While Congress could legally add judges to the court, the commission said doing so would likely be viewed as a “partisan maneuver”, and warned any lawmaker that backing it would “a position in a partisan contest”. Taking what is deeply divided.”

Expanding the court could lead to a “continuous cycle of future expansion” that eventually turns the court into “political football”, the commission warned, adding that there is no guarantee that a court larger than nine judges will. more diverse or effective.

The commission also expressed doubts about whether other proposals involving the expansion of the court would be legal, such as moving judges between the Supreme Court and lower federal courts or having separate “panels” of judges consider different issues. .

The commission said that over time tying justice together in the court could potentially be a better move, or each president could appoint two judges, but warned that the court’s reforms were aimed at “ideologically changing the court”. balancing” may not be a desirable goal. ,” noting that this may not really reflect the will of voters—who may prefer one party over another and not be equally divided—and make the judges appear more like “partisan actors.” can give.

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After the commission’s public meeting on Friday, its final report will be submitted to the White House by November 14. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday that the president would not comment until the final report was released. If the federal government chooses to adopt any suggestions from the commission, any structural reform in court would have to be done through Congress, where Democratic lawmakers have already introduced bills that would add justice to court or enforce term limits. will do. Whether such a law could actually pass is unclear, however, with Republicans resisting Democrats’ calls for “court packing” and requiring bipartisan support for any measure to pass the Senate. Will be

main background

Biden previously suggested that he convene a commission to study court reforms during the campaign before announcing the group’s formation in April. The commission was launched in response to mounting pressure from the left for changes in the Supreme Court that would counter its conservative leanings, when Justice Amy Connie Barrett was confirmed in court in 2020 to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. and gave it 6-3. conservative majority. The group’s recommendations come at a controversial time for the Supreme Court, as its approval rating fell to one record low Following controversial decisions on abortion, eviction moratorium and immigration. Several court judges have spoken out against the notion that the court is politicized as a result. barrett Recently saying that the judges are not a “partisan hack” and Justice Stephen Breuer dismissed the suggestion, saying that the court is made up of “junior-league politicians”.

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