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Bill Gates predicted on Tuesday that after the Omicron wave of the Covid-19 outbreak ends, countries will see fewer positive cases for the rest of the year, eventually creating an environment where Covid can be treated like a seasonal flu, The billionaire philanthropist said during a live Q&A session on Twitter.

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He added that a country should record “very few” cases of COVID-19 during the entire year after Omicron “goes through it”, in which case COVID may be treated “more like the seasonal flu”. ,” They said.

Last month, Gates said The United States could be “entering the worst part” of the pandemic as COVID cases continued to rise across the country, and predicted a wave of infections over the past three months.

Most scientists have predicted that Covid-19 will eventually become a local, like the flu, but the World Health Organization has now said not the right time To begin treating COVID-19 as if it were already endemic, citing “a large amount of uncertainty” and the rapidly evolving nature of the virus.

Gates said on Tuesday that the world needs such vaccines to end this epidemic. To protect Protects people from re-infection and provides protection for many years: Crack Cases are being reported from fully vaccinated Americans.

A variant with higher transmittance than the Omicron is “unlikely” to emerge, that is said Without elaborating further.


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