BingX`s New Copy-trading Subsidy Vouchers Will Allow Users To Recover Losses

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bingxThe most popular social cryptocurrency exchange, has set a record by becoming the first cryptocurrency exchange to integrate copy trade subsidy vouchers. The purpose of these is to compensate the consumers for any loss caused. Less competent traders can use copy trading to automatically replicate positions created and held by more active investors.

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According to their report, BingX will cover any losses in copy transactions as long as the user enables copy trading subsidy vouchers (within the denominations of cards and coupons). This voucher acts as a safety net, allowing users to trade with popular currencies like BTC, ETH, MATIC, LUNC, OP, STG, PSG, ADA, SHIB, DOGE, CHZ, and IDO without the worry of losing money. Allows joining and exiting positions.

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Users can trade above their level of ability, while more experienced traders have the potential to earn additional profits by assisting copy traders. BingX, the market’s most effective social trading exchange, provides a comprehensive environment for traders and copiers to congregate, communicate and generate income.

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BingX is a social cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2018. It currently serves over 3 million users in over 100 countries and offers spot, futures and margin trading services. BingX offers its members a secure, user-friendly and open line of contact with the platform’s professional crypto traders.

BingX is constantly evolving, and it recently updated its iOS and . has published a new version of Android mobile trading program A new standard in the most recent version is the Futures functionality that allows you to view a trader’s current position.

How does copy trading work?

Copy trading relies on social networks and social trading platforms to work. When a trader creates a position, they can transmit this information to other traders on the network, who can then choose whether they want to open the same position – or have their algorithmic trading system execute it without the trader’s participation. can do.

Primary traders who broadcast their positions often have knowledge of the underlying market, however, copy traders may lack experience in this specific market or may be completely new to the financial markets.

“Copy trading is our unique product offering, and we are constantly working to improve the trading experience for beginners,” said elvisco carringtonDirector of PR and Communications at BingX. “With the introduction of the Copy Trade Subsidy Voucher, new users can easily experiment with trading techniques without risk. BingX can maintain its reputation for innovation by developing new solutions that directly assist traders.”

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One of the primary reasons why BingX has attracted everyone’s attention is the additional important features it offers. It essentially offers perpetual contract trading as well as a variety of isolated and cross-margin options. Derivative options on the platform include digital assets as well as other financial products such as forex, global indices and commodities. Speculative investors and traders can use all these tools.

However, with the increasing availability of digital trading platforms, selecting the best cryptocurrency exchange can be a daunting feat. There are many exchangers available in the market. Beginners may be familiar with the charting interface, platform features, trading pairs, security, customer support and fees which affect exchange quality through various aspects.

BingX is giving back to the community after receiving regulatory licenses in Canada, the United States, Lithuania and Australia, as well as the highest grade for asset and business security from CertiK. BingX additionally updates new coin values ​​on a regular basis on top of existing popular coins such as bitcoin and ethereum prices.

It remains to be seen how the new copy trade subsidy coupons on the cryptocurrency exchange will work for new and intermediate investors.

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