$20,000 is no longer support.

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$100,000 didn’t happen.

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bitcoin halving 562. Is Day far.

Bears refuse to give up their grip on the market and the Federal Reserve’s policy of increasing interest rates and quantitative tightening is adding fuel to the fire.

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Despite these challenges, 15 September Twitter Space Hosted by CryptooshalaCapriole Fund founder Charles Edwards explains why he is still bullish on bitcoin.

Edwards said that several on-chain metrics show that BTC is undervalued:

“I see incredibly deep value and I call it a trifecta and there are three positive things happening in our minds. There is a cycle time, where between two and three years, which has historically been where all bitcoin cycles are down. Second is that we have hit 90% of the down draw of the normal cycle. Now, obviously, all of these things could be lower, but that alone is a good price signal. And then third, just across all on-chain metrics Reading, whether it’s the Meyer multiple, whether it’s the Puel multiple, or the NVT or the dormancy, everything is one of the four-year level relaxation. So to me, it’s kind of a once-in-a-cycle opportunity that we Let’s see this time.”

Asked about his thoughts on the past bitcoin halving and how the current economic climate could affect the next halving, Edwards said:

“I think it was successful because it placed bitcoin as one of the hardest-hit assets in the world amid massive monetary printing. And we saw a lot of old school traditional finance, legendary investors, Druckenmiller, etc. bitcoin. Let’s come to this, because it is more or less a kind of hedge. And that’s how the rally for the next 6 to 12 months started. I also think the crypto industry still runs on the bitcoin halving cycle type of time frame. Right now As for. I don’t think they will continue forever, but for now I still think it weighs and impacts how people invest in the space. With each subsequent halving, inflation for bitcoin The incremental value of a fall in the price is negligible because it is already – except for Ethereum – now the hardest asset, or harder than gold.”

2022 has proved that risk management and building a balanced portfolio are still working together to develop an efficient crypto investor. Edwards said:

“Whatever your approach, whether you are trading or investing, whether using stop loss or not as a strategy. You need to do some detailed modeling on as much data as possible, not Only on two years of data, because this is how entities have blown up in the past. Do as much as you can, eg at least 10 years of bitcoin, and assume the worst and then again to manage your position size. Add an element of the buffer below.

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