Bitcoin Plunges. Here’s Why.

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Bitcoin has been on a slide for almost a month.

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The price of bitcoin fell on Saturday, which began a month ago and gathered steam this week after the Federal Reserve clarified that monetary support for the market was soon going away.

The cryptocurrency’s biggest player is down almost 29% to $48,100 since November 8, when the price hit an all-time high. Most other speculative assets, including small-cap growth stocks, began to decline around the same time.

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At the start of Saturday, bitcoin sales surged, plunging more than 20% with some losses. At one point in time, crypto lost around $10,000 in an hour, according to CoinDesk, a crypto news website. The price of Ether also fell and is down 16% since November 8th.

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This week’s losses are tied to comments from the latest Covid-19 edition, Omicron and Fed Chair Jerome Powell. On Tuesday, Powell indicated that the central bank would move swiftly to end its pandemic-era bond-buying program.

The move would mean that less money would flow into bonds, which would lower bond prices and increase their yields. And the high return on safe, long-term bonds makes most speculative assets — investors’ long-term expectations — less attractive to themselves. This week also the stock market made a comeback.

As for bitcoin, its decline has already fueled buying interest. El Salvador President Nayib Bukele announced His country “bought the dip” Priced at just over $48,000.

The volatility doesn’t surprise bitcoin investors. The currency is up 63% to date, but has only lost half of its value from the April to July low. From that low, it more than doubled before reaching the top on 8 November.

So while buying dips may sound good at the moment, bitcoin investors won’t forget the correction from December 2017 to December 2018.

Be careful, especially if the Fed tightens policy sharply.

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