Black Friday 2021 – Exclusive Deals & Offers

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Update: 26 November

Black Friday is finally upon us. But what could this mean in the context of your home broadband deal? The country’s telecom giants have been vying for your custom for the past few weeks by bringing out their best offers. Here’s our round-up:

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You can pay nothing for three months on BT’s Full Fiber 100, Fiber Essentials and Fiber broadband deals,

The terms of the contract last 24 months, with monthly payments of £39.99, £27.99 and £29.99 required after the 3 month deal ends on the respective offers.

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There are savings of £199.97, £83.97 and £89.97 for the 24-month period if you sign up between November 26 and 29.


Save £8 per month from Black Friday until 3 December Sky Superfast broadband (18 months contract), Sky Ultrafast broadband (18 months contract) and Sky Ultrafast Plus broadband (18 months contract) will cost £25 per month, £32 per month and £42 per month respectively.

This is a savings of £144 for the 18-month period on each.

Virgin Media

in present, Virgin MediaThe M50 broadband and phone package is £28 per month, down from £52 per month on an 18-month contract, saving you £432 for the term.

community fiber

As of December 2nd, you can subscribe for 24 months of Community Fiber . But you can get 6 months free broadband contract And three months free at 12.

pick from:

  • 75 Mbps Fiber Broadband (24 Months) For a savings of £165-£27.50 per month once the deal expires
  • 200 Mbps Fiber Broadband (24 Months) For a savings of £225 – £37.50 per month once the deal expires
  • 75 Mbps Fiber Broadband (12 Months) For a savings of £73.50 – £24.50 per month once the deal expires

talk Talk

talk Talk £18.50 a month on its Fiber 35 deal, £12 a month on its Fiber 150 deal and £7 on its Fiber 35+ Talk TV + Netflix bundle.

All are 18 month contracts.

Therefore, over an 18-month period, a monthly payment of £21 per month for a savings of £333, £28 per month for a savings of £216 and £33.95 per month for a saving of £120.


enjoy NowFab Fiber broadband with an average speed of 36 Mbps or Super Fiber with an average speed of 63 Mbps for £21 per month for 12 months.

A £5 delivery fee applies, although no activation fee.

Deals end on December 3.


Sign up for Plusnet Broadband and Line Rentals And get a reward card for spending in high street stores or online wherever MasterCard® is accepted.

Choose from:

Unlimited broadband and line rental (12 months) for £18.95 per month – £75 reward card

£21.95. Unlimited fiber broadband and line rental for (18 months) – £70 reward card

Unlimited fiber standby and line rental (18 months) for £23.95 – £70 reward card

The deal expires on December 1.

11 November update


From 12th November, Now is offering its sports subscription TV deal for £19 per month – £7 per month off, up to £72 over a 12-month period.

You can get £1 per month from its Entertainment subscription and Movies subscription TV deals as well as its Super Fiber broadband deal, which will ring in at £21 per month, £4.99 per month and £4.99 per month respectively.

Virgin Media

Starting today Virgin Media is offering £19 off per month broadband deals For a savings of £342 over an 18-month contract:

  • M200 fiber with average speeds of only 108 megabits per second is now £25 per month
  • The M200 is now £31 per month with fiber-only average speeds of 213Mbps
  • M350 fiber is now £37 per month with average speeds of only 362Mbps
  • M500 fiber only with average speeds of 516Mbps now £43 per month

Each has a set-up fee of £35 and will cost £44, £50, £56 and £62 at the end of the 18-month contract.


BT is offering £2 per month for broadband deals until 18 November.

Its broadband 10Mb tariff is now £27.99 and its Fiber Essentials 36Mb is now £28.99, both saving you £48 over a two-year period.

Black Friday 2021 – How We Got Here

Originally an American event, Black Friday has become a permanent fixture in the UK calendar over the past decade and is now one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

This time it is falling on 26th November.

If you want to take advantage of Black Friday in 2021, here’s some background on how it went — and what to expect.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is when retailers offer some of their best deals in services and merchandise, from broadband and mobile plans to clothing, furniture, vacations and more.

In the US, Black Friday, which falls on the day after Thanksgiving, falls on the last Friday of November.

Where it came from?

Reports of the origin of the phenomenon vary, but the term can be traced back to the 1950s, when a group of workers in America who fell ill after Thanksgiving had a four-day weekend for themselves.

Police highlighted how busy the shops were on this Friday and that retailers slashed their prices especially on this date.

Later, in the 1970s, the term ‘Black Friday’ was featured in The New York Times to describe Philadelphia’s busiest shopping day.

By the 1980s, the term Black Friday had taken on distinct associations with the bank accounts of retailers that were said to be red – in debt – black – in profit.

In the UK, ‘Black Friday’ had a different meaning. It was the last working day of December and was synonymous with paramedics and police finding themselves full of drunk partymen.

But today, Black Friday is widely understood as the same thing on both sides of the Atlantic. Now in the UK, it has surpassed Boxing Day as the busiest shopping day of the year, with British retailers leading US-owned brands such as Asda and Amazon.

How much does it sell?

While Black Friday has seen unprecedented sales volume year after year, increasingly it isn’t limited to the day. The sale has expanded to include the entire week and the following Monday – called Cyber ​​Monday – for the high volume of online sales.

As an indication, according to Barclaycard, sales increased by 7% in 2019 between the period 25 November and 2 December, processing around £1 of every £3 spent in the UK.

However, the figures fell by more than 10% in 2020 compared to the previous year due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, forcing retailers to close and employers to lay off or lay off their employees.

While supply chain issues, which have created problems for the electronics sector such as a global shortage of semiconductors, may limit the product available, it remains to be seen whether sales this Black Friday will reach pre-pandemic levels.

Tesco, Amazon and Argos are all among giants that have confirmed they will participate.

look for deals

This Black Friday will provide the perfect opportunity for shoppers to stock up on Christmas gifts as well as more perennial items that can be ready to hold on to deep discounts.

But finding exclusive deals among countless online bargains has become an art in itself. The most savvy shoppers go from simply ‘where to look’ to strategic planning which webpage to check and when.

Arriving early is always a bonus and many retailers will begin announcing their offers this week as well by November 26th.

As a delicacy, Tesco Mobile is offering £10 a month on its iPhone Pro Max deal. This rings in at £49.99 per month with unlimited calls, texts and data.

It’s also offering £5 to £29.99 per month discount on its Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 unlimited calls and text plus 6GB data deal.

We’ll be updating this page with more Black Friday broadband and mobile phone deals as and when they are announced.


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