Black Friday and Cyber Monday woe for shoppers as Royal Mail workers plan strike

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Oil Mail employees will go on two 48-hour strikes around Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in a growing row over wages, jobs and conditions.

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It announced the attacks around Black Friday on November 25 and Cyber ​​Monday on November 28.

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The union has called off the strikes on November 12 and 14, saying it wants more “proportionate” action.

An offer made by the Royal Mail on Monday on pay and conditions was described as a “surrender document” as the union said it included attacks on the terms and conditions as well as redundancies.

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The CWU is playing a dangerous game with its members’ jobs and the future of the Royal Mail

The union will propose its members in a ballot paper recommending rejection.

Members will also be asked to submit a motion of no confidence in the chief executive of the Royal Mail, Simon Thompson.

CWU general secretary Dave Ward said industrial action would continue until Christmas until the dispute was resolved.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “On Monday 31 October, Royal Mail proposed a new pay-for-change offer for CWU worth 9% over two years, despite losses of £219 million in the first half of the year .

“CWU is in talks with us at ACS and claims they are open to change but now they need to show it.

“Instead, CWU has announced a four-day strike action that will further damage our business during the busiest time of the year.

Many of our members have given their whole working life to build this company. They deserve a much better deal than what’s on offer, and Simon Thompson is on another planet if he thinks we’ll stop fighting to get it

“The CWU is playing a dangerous game with the jobs of its members and the future of Royal Mail.

“We urge CWU to withdraw these strikes for the betterment of our customers and our people.

“We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience caused by CWU’s continued strike action.

“We are doing everything we can to reduce delays and keep people, businesses and the country connected.”

The union said its members would go on strike on Thursday 24 November and Friday 25 November and Wednesday 30 November and Thursday 1 December.

CWU’s postal executive will meet on Thursday to discuss further course of action during Christmas construction.

Mr Ward said: “Postie is in the fight for his life against the Uberization of the Royal Mail and the destruction of their positions.

“But our 115,000 members will not accept this war on their livelihood and their industry.

“They will never give up fighting to protect this industry and protect their hard-won circumstances.

“(Royal Mail chief executive) Simon Thompson has to either accept it or walk away; until he does one or the other, the serious disruption will continue.”

CWU Acting Deputy Secretary General Andy Fury said: “Simon Thompson’s plan is clear – they want to destroy this company as we know it.

“They want outsourcing, casualisation, elimination of working methods and pay.

“But many of our members have given their entire working life to build this company.

“They deserve a much better deal than they offer, and Simon Thompson is on another planet if he thinks we’ll stop fighting to get it.”

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