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The 2021 holiday shopping season is expected to be like no other as Americans are forced to grapple with supply chain disruptions, inflation and an ongoing pandemic, and data already indicates that Black Friday may have The interest may be lower as compared to the last few years due to fewer deals. and shortage of goods in demand.

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In the week leading up to Thanksgiving, Google search interest The term ‘Black Friday 2021’ has been equal to last year’s pandemic-hit ‘Black Friday 2020’ searches and is less than half that of ‘Black Friday 2019’.

search trends A similar picture has been painted for the term ‘Black Friday’, with the number of 2021 being equal to the 2020 season but less than half of 2019.

Other indicators suggest that online interest in popular shopping events may actually be lower this year than in 2020, NewsWhip Reporting That the number of articles written about the event is down this year and the estimated user engagement on such stories has dropped by 80%.

NewsWhip’s analysis of its own data also shows that interest in Black Friday is being fueled by reports about ongoing supply chain crises, which are showing significant interest.

NS Los Angeles Times, Quoting data from Adobe, reports The discount amount on electronics, sporting goods and equipment is significantly lower this year due to inflation and supply chain challenges.

Another reason behind the more muted interest in Black Friday may be that some retailers have started their sales earlier to counter supply chain challenges, which have caused sales and discounts to spread over a longer period, LA Times Adds report.

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