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It is still unclear what causes the strange set of symptoms called Havana syndrome, which has plagued US embassies around the world since 2016, the secretary of state said on Thursday after new cases were reported in Paris and Geneva. Antony Blinken said.

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Blinken said he has no doubt that the diplomat and his family have been “directly and powerfully affected” by the mysterious syndrome, which causes headaches, dizziness, vertigo and hearing and vision impairment, he told an MSNBC interview. said in.

Blinken said it is still unclear what causes the syndrome and who is responsible, although officials have accused Russian intelligence of being behind the alleged attacks – which the Kremlin denies – and floats the theory that Symptoms are caused by targeted pulses of radio frequency. energy.

The Secretary of State’s comments came after reports that new cases were detected among US embassy staff Paris and Geneva In the summer, months earlier the clusters were reported at the embassies in Berlin and bogota as of october wall street journal,

In October, the CIA announced that it would expand task force An investigation into Havana syndrome, and President Joe Biden signed a bill into law that allocated more government aid to officials affected by the syndrome, some of whom have been diagnosed with brain trauma and are still suffering from symptoms years later.

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