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A Georgia jury returned guilty verdicts on Wednesday for the three men who chased and killed Ahmed Arbery in a Georgia neighborhood last year, which caused national outrage and galvanized Black Lives Matter activists just before the killing of George Floyd .

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The father-son duo of Gregory and Travis McMichael, along with a neighbor, William “Roddy” Bryan, were all found guilty of murder charges.

On February 23, 2020, three men followed Arbery with pickup trucks as he jogged through a suburban Brunswick, Georgia, before Travis McMichael confronted Arbery with a shotgun and an unarmed, 25-year-old black man murdered.

The defense argued that the men were pursuing Arbery as part of a civilian arrest, after mistakenly identifying him as a burglary suspect, and Travis McMichael testified that he fired in self-defense because his Believed that Arbery was going to take his gun when he went to confront her. ,

Prosecutors said self-defense was not possible in the case because the men were acting as the attackers.

Travis McMichael was found guilty of felony murder and felony in the case, while the other two men were found guilty of felony charges only.

All three men are serving life sentences under Georgia law.

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