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Britney Spears’ 13-year-long stereotype that gave her father Jamie Spears and her management team control over her property and person came to an end on Friday, when a Los Angeles County judge granted the pop star’s request that it be removed. be terminated. Diverse News shops,

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Spears will regain control of her affairs after being under a court-ordered restrictive regime since 2008.

Judge Brenda Penney’s decision removed Brittany’s father as custodian of her finances, and longtime care manager and private fiduciary duo Montgomery as custodian of her personal affairs (with Montgomery as personal custodian). since Jamie stepped down from that role in 2019).

Last week, Brittany’s father requested that the stereotype be terminated immediately, with his lawyer arguing that it was a ploy to avoid being deposed and to answer questions about his alleged attribution. hearing aids In his daughter’s home, as well as in his practices and finances as a guardian.

Brittany’s attorney, Matthew Rosengart, filed a notice to depose Jamie on October 28, before requesting an immediate end to Jamie’s conservatism.

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