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Jamie Spears Says “The Court Was Wrong” To Suspend Her From Guardianship Of Her Daughter Britney Spears diversity reportBritney called a 13-year-long arrangement “disgraceful” that ended after an emotional hearing on Wednesday.

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In a statement released through her lawyer Vivian Thorin, Spears said it was wrong for the court to appoint a “stranger” to the conservatory, citing John Zabel, a CPA Britney who pleaded with her father to replace her. until the guardianship expires.

Spears echoed Thorin’s argument from the hearing, saying that Judge Brenda Penney should have ended the stereotype altogether—even if Britney wanted her father to be suspended and dissolved the stereotype in the coming months. be given.

Spears also said that he “loves his daughter unconditionally” and “tried to do what’s in her best interest.”

Judge Penny scheduled a hearing on November 12 to discuss the termination of Brittany’s guardianship.

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Brittany, and her lawyer, Matthew S. Rosengart. “Britney Spears deserves to be awake tomorrow without her father as her mentor,” Rosengart said in court Wednesday. “She wants to cut him out of her life today.”

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Brittany entered as a mentor in 2008 after mental health problems that left her father in charge of her finances, medical decisions, and her career. Jamie and her actions during conservatism have been subjected to intense public scrutiny in the past year, as Brittany alleged she was forced to act against her will, prompting her to marry him, among other shocking claims. and was barred from having children. one in new York Times The documentary, released last week, alleged that Jamie hired a security team to sabotage Britney’s home and phone.

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