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Britney Spears has been freed from the control of her father, Jamie Spears, who was suspended from her role as mentor on Wednesday, The New York Times reports, after a whirlwind year of investigation, with activism in the New York Times. was attended by a documentary of by fans, celebrities and politicians.

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John Zabel, Spears’ choice for a temporary custodian, will now lead his estate until the system is dissolved at some point in the future, per variety.

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Spears, 39, was placed in guardianship in 2008 after having mental health problems. Jamie’s suspension was prompted by several calls that she resigned from Spears’ legal team, who last week set the deadline for Jamie’s suspension to be September 29. This summer Spears has made several startling claims about the level of abuse she was subjected to during her guardianship. In court testimony, the “Lucky” singer said she was forced to take lithium and get an IUD to prevent getting pregnant, and was forced to perform despite being sick. each other new York Times A documentary titled “Controlling Britney Spears” was released last week alleging that the elder Spears used phone surveillance, bug rooms and financial impositions on the mother of two. Rosengart pointed to these claims in his argument. Spears’ stereotyping has come under intense public scrutiny after the following Times Documents and calls for support from the ACLU, including John Oliver to Kim Kardashian West and Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ted Cruz.

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Despite being one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Britney is only worth $60 million, which is far less than her musical counterparts like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. Most of her money has gone to support her ex-husband Kevin Federline, along with legal fees related to conservatism.

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Spears’ suspension is also a major victory for the #FreeBritney movement, a fan collective that promoted the idea that the star was being controlled for years before mainstream media confirmed her dark reality status. Hundreds of supporters rallied outside the La Superior Courthouse on Wednesday. Since Spears began speaking about her circumstances, she thank you fans to believe in him.

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Jamie, as well as his ex-wife Lynn and youngest daughter Jamie Lynn Spears, best known for their roles in “Zoe 101”, have tried to downplay their role in disrupting Britney’s life. Jamie referred to the #FreeBritney movement as a conspiracy theory for years, and continued to humiliate his daughter and her team even after agreeing to step down. Lynn has said that she entered the stereotype “to protect her daughter”. Despite issuing a statement of support for her older sister, Jamie Lynn reportedly Brittany’s estate co-trustees From 2018.

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The complete removal of Jamie and the dissolution of Spears’ guardianship are expected in the coming months at separate hearings, according to Judge Penny.

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