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The California Legislature on Monday passed legislation that would bar the state from punishing people under abortion restrictions in other states such as Texas and Oklahoma.

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The law is a direct response to the Texas abortion ban that is enforced through civil lawsuits against those who “aided or abetted” the procedure—which can be filed in states other than Texas—and already Copied in Idaho and Oklahoma (though banned in Idaho courts).

california bill, AB 1666Laws like Texas law that require civil lawsuits against people who perform or “aid or abet” abortions are against state public policy.

As a result, the California bill, which passed in a 56-16 vote on Monday, would bar California courts from prosecuting people under such abortion restrictions, and bar the state from imposing any punishment under those anti-abortion laws. .

Connecticut enacted a law which provides even broader legal protections against other states’ abortion restrictions, such as prohibiting the state from issuing any subpoenas based on their other abortion laws, extraditing people to other states if they violated their abortion restrictions. and any public agency has to make use of its resources. To assist with other states’ abortion ban investigations.

Connecticut law also allows people who have been prosecuted for abortion in other states or prosecuted for damages.

Washington has also enacted law which states that the state cannot “punish, prosecute, or otherwise take adverse action” against or “facilitates” an abortion[s]

or help[s]”Someone who does.