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A day later Queen Elizabeth removed Prince Andrew’s military title following a ruling that a civil suit against him in the US could proceed that was brought by a woman who alleged that the British had died when she was a teenager. Some members of the public were calling his title of Duke of York would also be taken away.

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While Andrew would not use “His Royal Highness” to proceed, he is still Duke of York, a title he has held since 1986, as well as Earl of Inverness in Scotland and Baron of Killeleg in Northern Ireland.

The York authorities in northern England have also called for the removal of the dukedom of Andrew, saying that they no longer wish to associate with the prince, although his title is largely symbolic and has few ties to the city.

Darryl Smalley, a Liberal Democrat senior member of York Council, explained that for the prince to remain Duke of York “is a union that we no longer consider appropriate, and certainly not to the benefit of our city.” sky News Friday.

York Central’s Labor and Cooperative MP Rachel Maskel said it was “unsettling” for Andrew.stick to your title Another day,” adding that his association with York must come to an end.

Buckingham Palace did not respond to his request, and Smalley told Guardian it will take one Act of Parliament To take away the title from Andrew. No major campaigns have emerged to strip Andrew of his Scottish and Northern Irish titles.


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