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a now-viral Study Identifying compounds in cannabis that likely block infection with the virus that causes Covid-19 ignited a fire of popular interest this week as people jumped at clear evidence that weed could help blunt the epidemic. could do, a far cry from the study’s findings and the usual methods of drug discovery. ,

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in a study published In journal of natural products On Monday, researchers at Oregon State University identified two compounds found in cannabis—cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA)—that may bind to the coronavirus and possibly block a key step that it causes. How does it infect people?

Both compounds hindered the virus’s ability to infect human cells in laboratory tests, the researchers found after testing alpha and beta variants of the coronavirus.

The paper sparked a flurry of interest as enthusiasts – including social media users online and mainstream comedian– took the findings as evidence of the weed’s epidemic-fighting power, something, notably, the study’s authors did not claim.

Dr. Mikel Sodergren, who heads the medical cannabis research group at Imperial College London, said Businesshala Identifying drug candidates in this way is “not unconventional” and said the results were interesting, but cautioned that the findings would need to be confirmed in animal models and tested on humans in clinical trials.

This data does not prove that cannabis compounds can prevent or cure COVID infection in humans, Sodergren said, and “provides no evidence to support smoking or ingestion of cannabis products to do so.” Is.”

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