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Almost a year after the January 6 riots in the Capitol, the Capitol Inspector General of Police stated that the Capitol Police Department had more work to do to secure the premises from another security breach – certifying that less than half of the security proposals has been implemented and about 10% of the Capital Police Force have left their jobs.

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US Capitol Police Inspector General Michael Bolton testified before the Senate Rules and Administration Committee that his office has adopted only 30 of the 104 recommendations to ensure the Capitol building is “safe and secure.”

Additionally, according to Bolton’s testimony, Capitol police have provided his office with “supportive documents” in only 61 security enhancements out of 200 that have been implemented.

Bolton commended the department for updating policies and procedures, receiving additional training, and creating hiring, but noted that “there is still more work to do to achieve the goal of making the capital campus safe and secure.” Is.”

US Capitol Police said In a press release it has made “extreme progress” in identifying and addressing security failures that lead to breaches, and said the department agreed with Bolton that it should “improve and expand its intelligence and protective capabilities.” must continue.”

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