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House committee probing US Capitol riots released three more summons On Tuesday, requesting documents and statements from a Trump official who reportedly helped draft the former president’s speech at a rally before the riot, as well as two advisers to Donald Trump Jr. Interacted with the organizers and speakers.

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Representative Benny Thompson (D-Miss.), committee chair, said the panel summoned Ross Worthington, a former White House official who lawmakers say helped write former President Donald Trump’s Ellipse rally speech, in which the former president falsely claimed the 2020 presidential election was fraud.

Although Worthington’s contribution to the speech is unclear, Know Many observers have included incendiary phrases, asking their supporters to “fight too hard,” “stop piracy,” “fight like hell” and “hear your voice calmly and patriotically” to march across the Capitol. requested.

The committee also called Andy Surbian | And Arthur Schwartz, Donald Trump Jr.’s former strategist, whom the panel says contributed to the planning of the Ellipse rally, communicated with the president’s eldest son and others about the rally’s proposed speakers and media coverage.

in a twitter Statement, Surbian’s lawyer said his client would cooperate with the committee “within reason”, but he was “perplexed” why Surbian was being summoned, claiming he was not involved in the rally and that “Trump Was off the payroll of the campaign” “from November 2020.

Worthington did not immediately respond Businesshala‘ request for comment, and Schwartz granted No comments So far The Associated Press,


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