Capstone Green Energy to Provide 5 Microturbines to Colorado Natural Gas Producer — Energy Comment

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by Jennifer Tershaki

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Capstone Green Energy Corp. said that Horizon Power Systems, its exclusive distributor for the US Rocky Mountains and western Canada, has secured an order for five Capstone C65 microturbines.

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On system:

The system being supplied to a natural gas producer operating in one of the largest natural gas basins in the US is expected to be up and running by the end of the year.

Fueled by high-pressure natural gas produced on site, the system will power the saltwater disposal facility at the well. Capstone said the microturbines will operate in dual mode, transitioning from continuous power to standby when needed.

On low emissions:

“Instead of overhauling an older diesel-fueled reciprocating engine that emits high levels of greenhouse gases, the manufacturer turned to Capstone’s microturbine technology,” the company said. “Microturbines will provide very high reliability, withstand harsh weather conditions, and require minimal maintenance compared to conventional reciprocating engines.”

“The selection of Capstone meets another key customer requirement: low emissions. As the first state in the U.S. to require oil and gas producers to reduce methane emissions, Colorado has implemented stricter standards, which Capstone is more than microturbine.”

On clean power:

“The manufacturer is committed to using clean electricity at its wells,” said Sam Henry, president of Horizon Power Systems. “The capstone microturbine is much easier and less expensive to maintain than the reciprocating engine. The manufacturer will not spend money on oil, diesel fuel, parts and employee time each month to maintain the engine. Instead, the microturbine has low maintenance. The cost could go up. The gas producer’s bottom line.”

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