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for a long time saturday night live Despite an absence from the opening credits during this weekend’s season premiere, artist Cecily Strong has not left the sketch comedy series, a source close to the show confirmed. ForbesAfter eight cast members moved into one of the biggest cast turnovers in years.

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will come back stronger SNL at the end of October, when she is performing in the play Searching for signs of intelligent life in the universethe source told Forbes,

Lorne Michaels, of SNL The producer is one of the producers of the play.

has been strengthened SNL Since 2012, and one of the most senior members of the cast aside from Kenan Thompson, who celebrated his 20th season on the series—he is the longest-serving cast member in the show’s history.

During Saturday’s Season 48 premiere, fans speculated about Strong’s status on the show on social media, given his stint in SNL and the recent departure of other cast heavyweights.

main background

Eight cast and featured players left the series between the end of Season 47 and the beginning of Season 48: Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson, Eddie Bryant, Kyle Mooney, Melissa Villaseor, Alex Moffat, Aristotle Athyras and Chris Redd. This was the biggest turnover since 1995, when almost the entire cast was new. Four new featured players were added to the cast. Michaels told new York Times A large number of people left the show last summer because SNL put an unusual number of artists on its roster during the pandemic, during which "no one could really leave, because there were no jobs." He called season 48 "the year of reconstruction". The show premiered on Saturday with Miles Teller hosting and Kendrick Lamar as the musical guest.

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next episode of SNL will air on Saturday and will be hosted by Brendan Gleeson with musical guest Willow. Megan Thee Stallion moderates the October 15 show.

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Strong was praised last season for his Weekend Update character Dung the Clown, who had an abortion at age 23, a performance he gave as the future of abortion rights in America was uncertain.

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