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Boston Celtics center Anse Kanter Freedom said Tuesday that she is ready to speak with LeBron James about criticisms, the freedom of the Los Angeles Lakers to remain silent on human rights issues in China, and their sponsorship deals with Nike. But, although James told Freedom he avoided it when they crossed paths recently.

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The Turkish-born basketball player, who became a US citizen on Monday and changed his surname to Freedom, said he would “love to sit down and talk”. [James]”I’m sure it’s going to be a very uncomfortable conversation for him. I don’t know if he wants that or not. I’ll make it really comfortable for him.”

Freedom has called out James in recent weeks for its sponsorship deal with Nike, whose product Freedom claims uses Uyghur forced labor by factories in China.

has been wearing and promoting the freedom practice Shoes With images of James being coronated by Chinese President Xi Jinping, tweeting that James “shut up and dribble” during Big Boss [China]
say so.”

When asked last week about Freedom’s use of his likeness on Freedom shoes, James said Freedom” is certainly not someone to whom I would give my energy. [He’s] Trying to use my name to create an opportunity for myself… He always had a word or two to say to me.”

James said the Freedom “went right by him” last week after a game between his Lakers and Freedom’s Celtics — a claim Freedom denied Tuesday, stating that James had avoided talks.

Freedom reiterated its criticism of Nike, calling it “the biggest hypocritical company out there” for its unwillingness to speak on human rights violations in China despite being outspoken on social issues in the United States, and for Nike-sponsored athletes such as James and Kay. mentioned. Cristiano Ronaldo as “Puppet”.

nike is Having said It does not source products from the Xinjiang region and its “ongoing diligence” has found no evidence of employment of Uighurs in its supply chain in China.


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