A small book of poetry written by English novelist Charlotte Bront when she was only 13 years old has been donated to a museum in the childhood home she shared with her two sisters – who were also authors – after the booklet sold for $1.25 million last week.

Key Facts

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The Bront Parsonage Museum in Haworth, England – a village about 20 miles west of Leeds – announced Monday that the booklet had been donated to the museum by the Friends of the National Libraries, a British nonprofit that helps cultural institutions acquire rare books, manuscripts and other literature.

The FLA purchased the booklet for $1.25 million at the New York Antiquarian Book Fair last week after raising the seven-figure price tag in less than two weeks following the announcement of the poetry book’s sale.

,A Book of Rhymes” is the last of more than two-dozen miniature handwritten poetry books by the oldest Brontë sister to remain in a private collection, and contains 10 previously unpublished poems in a 15-page booklet smaller than a playing card.

The booklet hadn’t been seen in public in more than a century since it sold at a 1916 New York auction for $520, about $13,000 todayuntil it went up for sale last week at the New York book fair (the seller is anonymous, but has been described as an American collector,

The Bront Parsonage Museum has the largest collection of the Bront sisters’ manuscripts in the world, including nine of Charlotte’s miniature poetry books, with seven more on the way from the $20 million Blavatnik Honresfield Library sale last year, which the FNL also helped raise funds for.