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Chile on Monday began introducing a fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose to high-risk members of its population after Israel began giving additional shots in late December—but their effectiveness is still unclear, and Pfizer’s report said. CEO Albert Boerla said Monday that it is still too early. if they are necessary.

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Chile is now offering a fourth vaccine shot to its immunocompromised residents, with an additional dose being given to everyone 55 years of age and older at least six months before their initial booster shot starting February 7. , The Associated Press reports,

According to the AP, the country had initially planned to launch additional shots in February, but extended its deadline as cases surged in neighboring countries.

when asked on monday CNBC Regarding the fourth shot, Bourla said that he “[doesn’t]

Know if there’s a “need” to them and it’s still “something that needs to be tested.”

Pfizer is already developing an updated version of its vaccine designed to protect against Omicron and other variants, which Borla said on Monday will be ready in March.

The CEO said Monday at the JPMorgan Healthcare conference that it makes more sense to administer an additional dose of the updated vaccine than a fourth shot of the company’s original vaccine, if the data bears it.

Modern CEO Stefan Bansel Predicted Another vaccine dose may be necessary in the fall last week, predicting initial booster shots “won’t do very well” and their effectiveness will diminish over time.

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