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Senior Chinese Communist Party officials gathered in Beijing on Thursday for its closed-door annual autumn meeting to ensure an unprecedented third term in power for the country’s leader Xi Jinping and to push for a proposal that would see him as high-ranking. Will stand on stature. The most influential modern rulers of the country, Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping.

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The annual meeting of the party’s central committee, known as the plenum, is expected to review and approve the rare “resolution” to boost Xi’s position and support his bid for a third presidency next year.

According to NS new York TimesThe announcements made at the annual meeting will play a major role in the upcoming leadership change at the Communist Party Congress to be held next year.

Xi, who ended the country’s presidential term limit in 2018, is expected to run unopposed for a third term—two decades longer than any Chinese leader who has served a five-year term Will break the coming norms.

Xi’s well-planned promotion to the same stature as Mao and Deng would save the Chinese leader from any challenge to his record, Times Report added.

Thursday’s meeting comes just four months after he presided over elaborate celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the party’s founding.

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