CoinEx Charity Empowers Education and Partners up With Enredo to Introduce Nonprofit Online Courses

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Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has now become more difficult for students across the world to access and learn. This is not just happening with individual students. There is a crisis of education in countries all over the world. The disruption of societies and economies due to the pandemic is exacerbating the already existing global education crisis and affecting education in unprecedented ways. To help more students get an education, the CoinEx charity has formed a long-term partnership with Enredo, a Colombia-based non-profit organization, to offer free online courses to more than 20 schools and educational institutions. Has invested charitable funds, allowing more students. to continue their education.

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An “education crisis” under the pandemic

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Globally, 22 crore tertiary education students have been affected by campus closures. The pandemic has exacerbated the education crisis and put students at risk of enormous uncertainty. In the meantime, families and schools will have to navigate the options of hybrid and remote learning. Despite this, some students are completely unable to learn during the pandemic. This global crisis has the negative impact of unprecedented global economic contraction on family incomes, increasing the risk of dropout, resulting in a contraction in government budgets and pressure on public education spending.

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Reduce education difficulties through strategic charity partnerships

CoinEx Charity is a global charity. In May 2022, the organization launched the Book Donation Worldwide program in 12 countries. During the campaign, the CoinEx charity donated new books and school supplies to 18 schools and helped them build new reading corners. The charity has been focusing on global education since day one. Committed to improving education equality, the organization has raised a multi-million-dollar charity fund to help more disadvantaged children around the world cope with the education crisis, reduce their learning losses and provide them with more opportunities for compensatory education. started of.

CoinEx Charity A strategic charity partnership to empower online education, to promote balanced development of education, help disadvantaged young students and provide better development opportunities to children living in areas without adequate educational resources has reached. As a non-profit organization with network-building knowledge and collaborative relationships, Enredo can provide the technologies needed to offer public online courses; The CoinEx charity, on the other hand, funds the creation of courses. In a joint effort, the two are building an education program that includes free online courses, so that as many students as possible continue to learn without any financial burden.

Right now, most public online courses have been developed, and the first course is now available free of charge in more than 20 Colombian schools. To benefit more students, the CoinEx charity and Enredo have also promoted courses offline and brought distance learning tools to more local schools. This helps students access online education more easily and allows them to learn despite the pandemic.

For more information on the courses, please follow @CoinExCharity on Twitter.

Future Vision of Education

Although COVID-19 poses a great challenge to global education, this crisis also presents an opportunity for us to reshape the education system. Providing tools and guidance for distance learning and online courses has become the new benchmark in future education. In the future, non-profit public online courses will be a major part of the education system. The public online course, sponsored by the CoinEx charity, aims to facilitate the transformation of the education system and address the learning challenges students face. In addition, the organization aims to focus on this global education crisis and make joint efforts to help areas suffering from “learning difficulties” create fair, effective and resilient education systems, empowering children exposed to education. It also calls for more charity and compassionate persons. Risk by personalizing and reforming traditional education approaches.

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