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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the international community is neither “willing” nor “prepared” to meet the major challenges that threaten the future of humanity. Told During the 2022 United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday cited the climate crisis, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and other conflicts around the world as examples of “the great dramatic challenges of our era”.

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The world “has a duty to act,” Guterres said in a gloomy inaugural address to the more than 100 world leaders who attended the meeting, and yet “we are caught in a global inefficiency.”

Guterres also cited problems posed by social media platforms with business models that “monetize outrage, anger and negativity,” arguing that they cause “untold damage” to communities and societies. , and in particular, women and vulnerable groups who are targets of hate speech. abuse and misrepresentation.

The United Nations Charter and the values ​​the organization represents are “at risk,” Guterres said, adding that “we cannot proceed like this.” In a call to action, Guterres said that only “a coalition of the world” can conquer major global challenges, not one power or one group alone.

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“Progress on these issues is being held hostage by more geopolitical tensions. Our world is in peril and paralyzed. Geopolitical divisions are undermining the work of the Security Council, undermining its international law, undermining people's trust and confidence in democratic institutions, and undermining all forms of international cooperation. We can't go on like this," Guterres said.

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The 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly is the largest annual gathering of international leaders. It began in New York on Monday, the first in-person meeting since the COVID-19 pandemic. are leaders Be expected Several issues to focus on, including the war in Ukraine and the ripple effects it caused, Taliban control in Afghanistan, climate change and rising energy costs. The meeting is attended by heads of state, heads of government and prominent diplomats from around the world. The General Assembly arrives at a "time of great crisis", while the world is "stricken by war, plagued by climate anarchy, hurt by hatred, and ashamed of poverty" and hunger, Guterres Told Last week before the meeting. He said world leaders should aim to offer hope through dialogue as well as concrete strategies to address division and threats to humanity. Some 157 leaders are to deliver speeches at the General Assembly from Tuesday to Sunday.

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Several prominent leaders will not be present: Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed, according To new York Times. Countries would instead send ministers to deliver speeches.

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President Joe Biden is set to speak at a UN meeting on Wednesday instead of Tuesday morning, as he is late for the event as he was in London on Monday to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. He is expected to urge further support for Ukraine and call on international leaders to continue cooperation efforts to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and counter the rise of China, according To Times And axios,

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