Maine residents are outraged after signs of Juneteenth in the window of the Millinoket business extend far beyond the local community.

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One image About the sign circulated on the internet on Monday, receiving thousands of responses on social media platforms. Originally from Maine Resident Alura Stillwagon deployment of It is written on Facebook with the caption, “Racism in Millinoket is real.”

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Her photo showed a piece of tape in a storefront window, with the print announcing, “Juneth.” The following lines added, “Whatever it be…we’re off. Enjoy your fried chicken and collard greens.”

The second photo identified the business as Harry E. Reed Insurance. newsweekCalls made to the insurance agency remained unanswered.

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“My first reaction was disbelief, I just couldn’t figure out that someone would post this without seeing anything wrong with it,” Stillwagon said. newsweek, “Milinoket is a major white city, and I just thought of some people of color who have to see this racism in their city.”

What is Juneteenth?

Millinoket is a predominantly white city, and I just thought of a few people of color who have to see this racism in their city.

alura stilavone

Celebrated on June 19, Juneteenth commemorates the day in 1865 when 250,000 enslaved African Americans in Texas were told that the Civil War was over and they were legally freed. You can read more here.

Is this a holiday?

Congress made the event a federal holiday on June 16, 2021, and it was signed into law by President Joe Biden the next day.

However, public and media interest around Juneteenth has fallen sharply over the past year. The occasion is not universally recognized throughout the United States—about 24 states, including Maine, have made it a public holiday.

In some states, the holiday has exposed bitter national divisions. White Lives Matter, a white nationalist group, protested the second annual celebration of Saturday, Juneteenth, in Franklin, Tennessee. Young white men marched with signs that read “Stop white substitution” and “It’s OK to be white.”

Harry E. Reed Insurance has a one-star rating on Google Reviews, although all but one of the 131 reviews are hidden.

a one star review On Tuesday, a photo of the sign was reposted on Yelp with the sarcastic message, “I’ve been insuring my KKK hood, Grandmaster Robb and Confederate flags for years with this company. They’ve got a racist and off-coloured ‘chicken’ To watch the making. And Collard’s comment is appalling.”

On a reddit forum, a image Juneteenth’s signature garnered over 45,000 votes. Those commenting on the business’ outright use of racist stereotypes about black Americans shared their disgust.

The amount of racist combat and cringe in that one sheet of paper is insane. ** A bunch of holes.

reddit comment

One comment said, “The amount of combating racism and what’s emerging in that one sheet of paper is insane. What a s**t is a bunch of holes.”

“Good [and] Easy way to broadcast to everyone and the community that your business is racist and ignorant and has no customers/customers,” said another user.

A self-proclaimed Maine resident said, “This state is having an exceptionally difficult time with this holiday. I’ve been all over the place since Wednesday and I heard people urinating left and right and moaning about it.”