Composability is the key to smart building adoption

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Business Reporter: Composability is key to smart building adoption

Spaceworx has been delivering smart solutions for workplaces, buildings and city management around the world for over 20 years. By making technology more accessible, we strive to remove all barriers to a truly sustainable world.

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The Spaceworx marketplace is designed to provide our customers with three value propositions: speed, compatibility, and usability. When these results come together, the true purpose of smart buildings can be achieved: to enable organizations and individuals to find their ideal structure for living, working and relaxing.


In a world where technology, information and change are happening at a breakneck pace, the infrastructure of cities, buildings and organizations must keep up with the times to stay relevant. Spaceworx was born out of the need to provide owners, operators, consultants, tenants and everyone in between with a platform that can plug and unplug any solution to suit their needs at any given time without requiring deep and costly changes. their existing systems.


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This is central to ensuring speed. Spaceworx comes with its own free Lucy integration and visualization platform. As a code-free platform, it allows everyone from integrators to end users to seamlessly connect all systems in their work environment. Users can create dashboards, widgets, and workflows to visualize the information that matters to them: their office air quality, home-to-office traffic, conference room bookings, CRM data, or even electric car charging.

Composability and interoperability are vital to the future of the workplace, as everyone can see and control what matters to them.

Ease of use

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Whenever it comes to technology, acceptance is the key to success. In over 20 years of building smart jobs and solutions, we have seen incredible products underutilized and classified as ineffective as a result.

Spaceworx has taken a different approach by building a vast network of partners who work together to create what we call packages. These packages are results driven and combine hardware, software, integrations and services in one offering of proven solutions in the market. This approach is completely open and offers our clients a powerful tool: the ability to choose solutions based on results, not technology.

Spaceworx makes life easier for owners, operators, consultants and tenants by enabling them to easily create sustainable and flexible workspaces. Having a clear view of what’s available allows everyone to make smarter decisions and move towards smarter buildings and workplaces cost-effectively.

Discover Spaceworx today and chat with our customer success team.

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