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There is no doubt that taking education on screen was a challenge, but if online learning was difficult for an average child, just imagine how challenging it was for children with disabilities. There are approximately 7 million students with disabilities in the US, and one study showed that Americans with disabilities express lower levels of comfort using technology, making it even more difficult for them to have a fair learning opportunity in modern times .

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States determine which students are eligible for special education services, which has led to discrepancies in how schools identify children with disabilities—only increasing disparities for children with disabilities in education. In the latest round of Connect, an event by publishers that showcases some of the world’s most innovative startups and gives them the opportunity to present their concept to a leading panel of media judges, a company that provides a solution for wants to do The very problem was the winner.

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Key2enable is a Brazilian-American startup, also based in the United Arab Emirates, the UK, Chile and the US, that is building a new way to teach children with motor, intellectual and physical disabilities with an assistive technology that they have developed at home. has prepared. , Let’s take a closer look at this company, and how they are helping educational institutions grow so that they can provide higher education to students with disabilities.

Unlocking Learning for Students with Disabilities

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Key2enable is the first and only supporting edtech company to come up with an AZ holistic solution for people with disabilities. Their solution applies to the full spectrum of disabilities and can be used by non-disabled people as well – allowing everyone to be unlimited. A cohesive compilation of robust edition hardware combined with 360-degree customizable software that delivers an educational experience that addresses over 80% of all disabilities.

Gleason, Proprietor of Key2enable
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Started by a man with cerebral palsy, who is still graduating from college with a degree in computer science, he sought to share the solutions he devised for his obstacles to learning. His degree of experience and his hard work inspired him to come up with a more comprehensive and long-term way for students with disabilities to learn. Subsequently, Key2enable was born.

The company has since developed an essential set of assistive technology that helps children with disabilities who are unable to use computers and mobile devices due to speed limitations. Using leading-edge technology, their proprietary solution also helps people with fine-motor coordination deficits by using cognitive stimulation to offer a holistic solution for educational purposes.

A tool that redefines disability

The company’s flagship tool that helps address inequalities for students with disabilities is their innovative resource. The device replaces the traditional keyboard and mouse with an electronic panel with 11 touch-sensitive keys, which allow the user to enter characters and computer commands. The strategic positioning of the keys makes operations convenient and efficient in the foot or the blink of an eye.

key-x keyboard
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The colorful buttons and symbols on the keyboard are also based on academic research and developed by experts to make them accessible and attractive. The design helps give autonomy to people with motor limitations, allowing them to control computers. In addition, the Key-X is compatible with most adaptive switches already on the market, working directly on any computer, tablet or smartphone running Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Linux operating systems.

The team at Key2enable has also worked with Simplix Software, a company that provides innovative accessories, such as glasses that can read in the blink of an eye, and a squeezable balloon or mechanical pad that can perform a variety of motor functions. Helps to read movements for people with , Together with KeyX, an amazing platform of digital accessibility has been created, which enhances the motor and cognitive skills development capabilities of students and patients with physical and intellectual needs.

Eliminating the need for any specialized software, Key2enable’s assistive technology gives people with disabilities full access to computers in a practical, innovative and inclusive manner.

changing the way the world is educated

Disability among children should not be an indirect determinant of their education and their future. All children deserve the right to learn, and Key2enable is one company that is helping to achieve that.

They have already seen worldwide success through a set of notable awards: from Singularity University and Berkeleys in the United States, to CryptoLabs and GitX in the United Arab Emirates, their range of alliances and partnerships shows that this company Ignite a path for more inclusive education.

Be wary of this company as it drives the use of assistive technologies to help children with disabilities have a more independent and financially sustainable future.

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