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Voting company Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation lawsuit against Fox Corporation — which includes Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch — may go ahead, a judge ruled Tuesday, as Dominion and rival company Smartmatic made baseless election campaigns about their voting machines. Launched a dozen defamation lawsuits over fraudulent claims.

Key Facts

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Delaware State Judge Eric M. Davis denied Fox Corporation’s motion to dismiss the case against it, accusing Fox executives – namely Murdoch – of “failing Fox News’ programming decisions” after the 2020 election. direct control” and thus were responsible for it. False fraudulent claims of networks linked to Dominion Machines.

The judge dismissed Dominion’s claims against Fox Broadcasting Company, including fraudulent claims made on, ruling Dominion did not allege substantial defamation in that case.

Dominion sued Fox News in March 2021, alleging that the network intentionally spread false news about its machines to improve failing ratings, and Davis denied Fox’s motion to have the case dismissed in December.

Voting Machine Company argued that Fox tried to protect Fox Corporation and Murdoch from that lawsuit and refused to return documents relating to them, prompting them to file a second lawsuit specifically against Fox Corporation.

Fox’s decision came days after Davis denied Proposing the far-right network Newsmax to dismiss Dominion’s defamation suit against it, the news network was probably aware that its allegations against Dominion were “probably false” and that its reporting may have intentionally left out evidence that Dominion Was not involved in electoral fraud.

Dominion sued Newsmax in Delaware state court in August and One America News Network (OANN) and its anchors in federal court, alleging that the two far-right networks promoted fraud allegations while they knew they were liars and helped to “create and cultivate an alternate reality where … the Dominion indulges in a colossal fraud.”

Denver-based Dominion filed its first lawsuit in January against pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, who has been the most prominent figure in spreading the fraud claims, seeking $1.3 billion in damages, and U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols in the case. Powell’s motion to dismiss. august.

Nichols also ruled on lawsuits filed against attorneys Rudy Giuliani, MyPillo and its CEO Mike Lindell – although the cases against him and Powell may not go to trial until late 2023 or 2024, depending on a Schedule The judge set in early March.

Dominion also sued former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne in August, alleging that the businessman used Dominion voting machines to “create and promote fake evidence to convince the world that the 2020 election was stolen”. , and Nichols denied Byrne’s motion to have the case dismissed in April, ruling “A reasonable jury found that Byron acted with genuine malice” in spreading false claims about Dominion.

Smartmatic sued Fox News and its anchors Lou Dobbs and Maria Bartiromo in February 2021, accusing the defendants of “indulging in a conspiracy to spread propaganda about Smartmatic” and New York Supreme Court Justice David B. Cohen was charged. Government The $2.7 billion lawsuit against those defendants could go ahead in March.

Cohen dismissed Smartmatic’s allegations against Powell and Fox anchor Jeanine Pirro, and dismissed some claims against Giuliani but let others go.

Smartmatic sues Powell separately in federal court, which is still pending,

Smartmatic sued MyPillow and Lindell in federal court in January for defamation and deceptive business practices, accusing the CEO of spreading “lies” about the company and “intentionally promoting xenophobia and party-making for the noble purpose of selling its pillows.” kindled the fire of the divide.”

Smartmatic sued OANN in November in federal court and Newsmax in Delaware state court, accusing both networks of “falsely reporting” and spreading fraudulent claims about the company — whose machines are used only in California in 2020. was done in – knowing that they were liars; Those lawsuits and Lindell’s lawsuit are still pending, and Newsmax has reply Smartmatic.