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With the seven-day average of new Covid-19 cases in the US ticking up to 109,643 per day as of Thursday – nearly five times the average number of cases reported this time last year – health experts urged Americans to exercise caution at the memorial. Urged at the end of the day to stop the spread of the disease, as millions prepared to travel.

Key Facts

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More than half of the US population is living in areas under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention classification States in the Northeast have moderate or high levels of community transmission, including several counties classified as high, as well as some counties in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, Hawaii and Alaska.

New hospital admissions are also increasing across the country, with seven day average 3,609 for the week ended Wednesday, up 24% from the week ended 10 May.

However, the seven-day average of ICU beds currently occupied by Covid-19 patients stood at 3% of the total capacity as of the week ended May 28, well below the level of 32% during the peak of the winter omicron growth, according For data from the Department of Health and Human Services.

seven day average The number of deaths is 315, a 12% increase from the previous week.