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The World Health Organization on Monday doubled down in its appeal against giving the vaccine to healthy adults or the vaccine to low-risk groups a Covid-19 booster shot, warning that “the hard-earned gains could disappear in an instant” as the wealthy Countries race to expand booster missions. Omicron types outgrow others while others may not even be able to vaccinate their most at-risk people.

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During the World Health Assembly on Monday, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urged countries to play their part in tackling vaccine inequality, add: “We can’t end this pandemic until we solve the vaccine crisis.”

Tedros said that while the agency understands that every government “has a responsibility to protect its people,” ending the unequal distribution of vaccines is “in the best interest of every country.”

The longer the disparity persists, the “more opportunity for this virus to spread and evolve in ways we cannot predict” or prevent, Tedros said,

Tedros said the emergence of Omicron – a highly mutated coronavirus variant experts believe may be more transmissible and possibly able to evade the protection offered by vaccines – sheds light on the fact That “hard-earned gains could disappear in an instant,” emphasizing that no country can “get their way out of the pandemic alone.”

Omicron is another reminder that although many may think that “we are done with COVID-19, it is not done with us,” Tedros said.


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