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German Chancellor Angela Merkel said boosting vaccination rates would not be enough to stop rising coronavirus infections across the country, Businesshala said. informed of, calling for tough action as countries across Europe take strict measures without vaccination and devise drastic measures to stem the outbreak.

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Merkel reportedly told officials in her Conservative Party on Monday that many Germans do not understand how serious the country’s outbreak is. Businesshala, calling on individual German states this week to implement tougher sanctions.

measures will be more than new Sanctions excluding non-vaccinated people Public transportation and many areas of public life—which apply to areas where hospitalized Covid-19 patients exceed a certain threshold—and Health Minister Jens Spahn said he could not Rule Another nationwide lockdown.

There are some politicians in Germany debate Following neighboring Austria – which went back into full lockdown on Monday after a more targeted, unvaccinated lockdown – required everyone to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Austrians who refused to jab from February next year will face Fine Up to €3,600 ($4,000), with small penalties for those refusing booster shots.

Czechia and Slovakia Vaccine keepers have begun to make life difficult – Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Hager Allegedly The measures are called “lockdowns without vaccinations” – barring them from using various services, entering restaurants and public events.

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