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The Indonesian Ulema Council, an apex body of Islamic scholars, said on Thursday that cryptocurrencies as a means of payment and a commodity to trade are illegal for Muslims in a country with the world’s largest Muslim population. Diverse reports, a decision that may affect the financial decisions of Muslims in that country, although the Council does not have legal powers.

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According to Luck, the council advises the government of Indonesia, including its Ministry of Finance, on finance and banking matters for Muslims—about 87% of Indonesians follow Islam.

Asarrun Niyam Sholeh, the head of the council’s religious orders, said that crypto has elements of uncertainty and pitfalls, which refuses It is meant as a payment option under Sharia law, Reuters reports.

Asrorun has also restricted the use of digital tokens as a commodity for trading, citing a lack of clear value and physical infrastructure.

Crypto is traded and invested in Indonesia’s commodities and futures market.

Room left for Asrorun ChangeAccording to Businesshala, the council could approve the cryptocurrency if the amendments are made to comply with Sharia law.

Between January and May this year, total crypto transactions in Indonesia totaled 370 trillion rupees, or $25.96 billion. According to Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade.

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