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The Monarch tells the story of the turmoil brewing in a Roman family known as country musicbut a whole realm has been created behind the musical drama so that fans can truly connect with the series.

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From bourbon to knick-knacks, flip-flops and boots, The Monarch focused on all-round character development outside of an hour-long program.

The music is definitely the highlight However, the series features country star Trace Adkins singing new songs, with several of his famous friends, including Shania Twain, Martina McBride and Little Big Town, providing vocals.

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Adkins plays patriarch Alby Roman, known on the show as “Texas Truthbearer”. New whiskey from two barrels called “Pravdoved 1839 Bourbon” launched earlier this month and will also play a role in a storyline that will air later this year.

Available exclusively through ReserveBar and Next Century Spirits, the bourbon is “twice aged in charred new American oak casks” and “has depth and richness of flavor. .”


“At Truthteller, we dedicate our craftsmanship to anyone whose conviction is undeniable. official bourbon whiskey from the FOX musical drama The Monarch, The Preacher 1839 was born from the spirit of the Texas Truthseeker himself, Albie Roman. It is created for those who share this spirit. Wild. Daring. Wise. And anyone who can tell the truth.”

In addition to libations, Nayel created a line luxury gold coins for the Monarch’s Jewel Collection, which highlights the butterfly’s incredible transformation.

The collection of rings, necklaces and earrings, inspired by country drama, represents “rebirth and new beginnings that inspire, motivate and encourage you to become the strongest version of yourself.”

Country music star Trace Adkins

The drama, created by Melissa London Hilfers, features Caitlin Smith singing the title song “The Card You Gamble” along with a number of new tracks for the show.

Anna Friel sings “American Cowgirl” while Adkins performs “Good Hearted Woman” and the entire Monarch lineup comes together for “The Brambles”.

TRACE ADKINS, ‘Monarch’ star, spoke about the real reason he didn’t ask Blake Shelton or Tim McGraw for advice.

Monarch made sure to reflect real life with a roster of influential players in the country music scene, including performances Shania TwainMartina McBride and Little Big City.

“I’m really excited that they’re inviting all these country music legends to be part of the show, it just makes it feel a little more real and it’s fun to see my friends on TV,” Smith told Fox. News Digital.

Former Gossip singer Beth Ditto, as Gigi Taylor-Roman, sang a poignant country-western version of the song. Musician, Emmy Award Winner Hit Lizzo “Juice”.

Martina McBride admitted she was “so excited” to be on the show. “I mean, I read the script and I thought, ‘This is juicy, this is massive, this is exciting.’ I was very excited when I was asked to be a part of it.”

Anna Friel in a white jacket and black lace bodysuit.

She added, “If you think about all the people they could ask to be on this, especially the first show, the debut show, there are so many that I don’t know why I was chosen. so special that I was asked to be part of something like this. I think this show will be one of those shows that everyone wants to watch.”

“We’ve looked into the world of acting and it’s definitely different,” Little Big Town’s Jimi Westbrook said in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital at the 15th Annual Film Academy. Country Music Awards.

Kimberly Schlapman described the filming process and working in front of the camera as “slower” than what the band was used to during their electric stage gigs, and Westbrook agreed, “It’s a lot slower.”

“I think our taste is in that, you know, we’ve shot music videos, so there’s an element of that production that we’re used to, but we’re not used to long wait times,” said Phillip Sweet. “Then it’s just in their power to watch these incredible actors once the scene is ready. They just walk away,” said Karen Fairchild. “It will be an incredible show. Country fans will love it.”

Adkins told Fox News Digital exclusively that one of the pleasures of his early starring roles on television was being able to immerse himself in the deep history of country music.

Little Big Town on the ACM Honors red carpet

Tanya Tucker performing during

He had the opportunity to sing a few Hank Williams and Merle Haggard songs on the show, and confessed, “I would never go into a studio and cover it, but it was a lot of fun to be able to record as Albi.”

The “Hillbilly Bone” singer said filming was made even more special by bringing friends and family into his village community, including once when Tanya Tucker has stopped.


“It’s great fun to be on this show when all the musical guests are coming. It’s a real treat for me,” Adkins said.

He joked that having a camera was really the “biggest difference” when it came to performance versus acting.

“I think that every time I step up to the microphone and sing a song, I portray the mood or character of that song. So I do it all the time,” Adkins said.

Monarch Promotional Poster

Adkins is no stranger to acting and has previously worked in television as well as recent films Old Henry, Apache Crossing and Bad Ground. He acknowledged that Patriarch Albi Roman’s portrayal was not too far removed from his usual, “serious” approach to life.

“He’s not very animated, and neither am I. We say what we have to say, and there is no need to shout about it … we just walk through this life as gently and peacefully as we are allowed, but when they do not, we will do what we must.

The “You’re Gonna Miss It” crooner was impressed by the “great writers on the show” and always wanted more after he finished reading a new script. “There are a lot of curves that are coming that you don’t see,” he said.

Monarch airs every Tuesday on FOX.


Larry Fink and Lorin Overhaltz of Fox News Digital contributed to this report.