Daily Crunch: With Musk purchase complete, NYSE will delist Twitter stock on election day

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Good Friday! he came Enjoying some free time on the east coast, so I’m running alone. As you can see from the surprising move by Elon Musk last night and the massive number of Twitter stories from our brilliant consumer tech team today, it’s been Twitter all day. We promise to give you a little bit of that, of course, and some more that we’re working on. Let’s dive in, shall we? , Christine

TechCrunch Top 3 Flying the Public Cop: Now that Elon Musk owns Twitter, its days as a public company are numbered. really, Ivan Writes, Twitter will be deleted on November 8th – polling day for the US midterm election. Raising the Bird: In Europe, where within hours of actually owning Twitter, Musk already found himself on the wrong end of EU officials, who corrected him after tweeting that he thought Twitter How free are you now? Natasha Lee has more. Big Tweet Chief: Reports now say Musk will take on CEO role for himself, Ivan writes, after removing four of Twitter’s top executives, as reported AMANDA,

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For more news about Blue Bird, Big Tech Inc. Skip to the section, where we have you covered.

Startups and VCs

Unfortunately, the hits keep coming for 54gene, an African genomics startup focused on providing more African genetic material for pharmaceutical research—there is only 3% right now, Take Report. After a few months of layoffs and a CEO exit, the company confirmed that not only has it created another round of layoffs — this time of 100 people — but it has slashed its valuation by more than $100 million.

And we have three more for you:

Robot Riot: Galen Robotics has a new robot that will assist with ear, nose and throat surgery. Oh, and it secured $15 million in new funding, Andrew Report. Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Game Studio Hidden Door is using narrative AI to turn fiction into immersive role-playing experiences, and Rebecca writes that it is testing “The Wizard of Oz”. Does anyone else use the term?: I’m glad to see there’s a company called Schidtl. The company is using augmented reality to show users what people are doing around them, including Rebecca Writes “Like a bat-signal for fun.” 5 ways biotech startups can reduce their risk of sustainably growing in the long run

multicolored wires connected together;  5 Ways to Manage Risk

Image credit: jayk7 (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Thanks to R&D and clinical trials, life science startups have a long lead time before bringing their capital-intensive products to market.

“But,” asks Umar Khalil, a partner at Saint Ventures, “what happens when funding suddenly runs out?”

In a guest post for TC+, he shared five strategies for biotech startups trying to stay warm in the winter ahead.

“It is still too early to know whether this is a short-term correction, or if it is a new normal that will be maintained for the foreseeable future.”

Three more from the TC+ team:

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Big Tech Inc.

As promised, we have more Twitter news for you to enjoy. As I write this, several of my colleagues have taken to the Twitter space to talk about it all. one of the latest bits of news Tailor It was that Elon Musk was creating a content moderation “council” to make certain decisions—cough, for example, about account restoration for Donald Trump. Here are two more:

Let us introduce you to the More Earnings report:

And we have four more for you:

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