Danish startup modl.ai raises €8.5M to build AI-powered tools for game development. silicone canals

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Copenhagen-based modl.ai, a startup that provides game technology to accelerate game development and increase player engagement globally, announced on Wednesday, 2 November that it has raised €8.5M in a Series A round of funding. Have gathered.

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The investment was led by Griffin Gaming Partners and M12 – Microsoft’s venture fund. The company also saw participation from Rendered.vc, PreSeed Ventures, and Transistormedia.

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Pierre-Edouard Planche, Partner at Griffin Gaming Partners, says, “Gaming is one of the most difficult user experiences for which to automate testing, and therefore, the extreme degree of technical talent and research combined with direct experience working in games That’s why we’re so excited to support the Christopher, Lars, Benedict and modl.ai team, in helping to streamline growing pains and multi-billion-dollar industry spending, which are many Top of mind for game developers.”

use of money

modl.ai says it will use the new capital to expand its reach and make its AI engine available to developers around the world.

With a simple setup, developers will have access to AI players – not only to test and balance their games but also have access to customizable bots that will play their games with or against their player base. modl.ai’s AI engine works with major publicly available game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine and can be extended to support any modern game engine.

Developers will access AI players with a straightforward setup, allowing them to test and balance as well as play their games with or against their player base. Modl.ai’s AI engine is compatible with all major publicly accessible game engines, including Unity and Unreal Engine, and can be expanded to support any contemporary game engine.

Building the future of AI-powered tools for game development

Founded in 2018 by Benedikte Mikkelsen, Christoffer Holmgård and Lars Henriksen, modl.ai provides game technology that accelerates game development and enhances player engagement around the world.

The modl.ai AI Engine claims to revolutionize the game creation industry by giving creators an unlimited army of bots that can adjust to different play styles, use dynamic maneuvers and implement strategies. This gives developers the ability to increase automation and eliminate the repetitive and manual tasks that often delay new games and upgrades by months or even years.

CEO Christopher Holmgrd says, “We started modl.ai to build out the tools and technology we always wanted game developers to have. In 2018, we decided the time was right for both the technology and the market.” The founders had worked together in games and AI for more than a decade, always discussing how we could bring advanced AI to game developers, something completely new to an industry that We like it. All games are unique, creative works, but they share production needs and technical characteristics. This is why the games industry is becoming increasingly modular and standardized. That’s a good thing, and we want more Want to be the de facto AI engine for more games.”

The modl.ai founders have developed and launched over 30 games for PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Apple Arcade and other platforms.

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