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Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday that New York City’s COVID-19 vaccination order for restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues is going so well that only 15 businesses have been fined for not implementing the policy. .

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De Blasio said the high rate of compliance with the vaccine mandate that was announced last summer and has been in effect since September 13 shows that “the vast, vast, vast majority of restaurants and all other businesses are saying, ‘Yes we are going to work with it, we are going to make it work for our employees, for our customers, to keep everyone safe.’ Very few stand apart.”

The mandate requires staff members in places where people gather inside to check for proof of vaccination.

The city has conducted more than 31,000 inspections and issued nearly 6,000 warnings since the vaccination mandate went into effect a month ago, said Jonelle Dorris, the city’s commissioner for small business services. Most of the businesses that received the warning made the necessary changes, Doris said, “and thus we only ended up with 15 or more actual breaches.”

Andrew Rigi, executive director of the New York City Hospitality Alliance, a restaurant industry group, said in a statement, “As we continue to work with restaurants and bars to help them implement the vaccine requirement, it is important That the city continues to focus on this. Outreach, education and compliance first, and only issue fines to small businesses as a last resort.”

City Hall spokesman Mitch Schwartz said the 15 businesses that did not comply after the warnings were fined $1,000 each. They have the right to appeal the fine.

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